Teknologisk Institutt

Design, development and hosting of a web solution based on eZ Publish.

Scandinavia's Technological Institute (TI – Teknologisk Institutt) has over 200 employees across 3 different countries, offering technological competency and product development for both public and private sectors.

Until now TI has communicated primarily using paper. We were therefore given a relatively free hand in developing a new web design for them. The client wanted the web design to reflect their focus on technology and knowledge, as well as conveying reliability and quality.

In close collaboration with TI's project and design manager, we worked towards a solution that integrated the company's colours and logo into a new design. TI had given specifications for the site and wireframes for which type of pages should be created, making the process more streamlined.

Having worked on projects which, like this one, required the end product to function in several countries, we made sure that this was achievable right from the start. eZ Publish allows extensive flexibility in the set up of publishing solutions, giving the TI website a shared platform servicing users in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with content in their own language, while also sharing resources across the separate domains.

In addition to meeting TI's requirements for organising and presenting their products and information, we developed a search function which allows the user to filter search results based on school, article and course. Sign-up to the schools offer is available through a flexible extension of eZ Publish called eZ Survey.

“We are extremely pleased with the completion of the project. Netmaking has delivered an outstanding service, offered speedy response to queries and has shown flexibility and professionalism throughout the development process.”
- Jon David Junge, Market Advisor