Tecnotree is a global provider of a broad range of telecom IT solutions focused on charging, billing, customer care, messaging and content services. They desired for a new site that should be based on their renewed corporate branding. The focus was to position the company as modern and future-proof choice among its competitors.

We designed the concept of the site based on Tecnotree's renewed strategy, product portfolio, and marketing related needs. We worked closely with Tecnotree personnel to get the concept right from the very beginning. Visual design was provided by Frantic. We implemented the site transforming the concept and the visuals into site structure, templates with Tecnotree’s distinct look’n’feel, and blocks of content. The content management system used is eZ Publish, a commercial open source CMS by eZ Systems. It was selected based on the ease of use and management, support for various content types, and flexibility with the site structure and layout.