SHERA - New web design and migration to eZ Publish has been looking after the B2B shop of SHERA for a number of years. Last year the company has developed iPhone and iPad apps with specific field service functions for SHERA. The most recent task was the development of a new website design based on the current design as well as the conversion of the website from Typo3 to eZ Publish.

The solution in detail

The e-commerce solution silver.e-shop, which includes the powerful ECMS eZ Publish, has been used for the shop from the outset. So far, the website has been managed independently of the shop in Typo3. To standardise and simplify the processes in the company, SHERA has decided to relaunch the website based on eZ Publish and commissioned with the development of the new design.

With the latest enterprise version of eZ Publish, interesting new functions are now available for the SHERA website. Using eZ Flow individual boxes can now be added to the homepage and time-control has been implemented. The powerful search egine eZ Find allows visitors to search the product database and the website content. A special highlight of the search is the indexing of all PDF documents.

The product description pages have also been extensively revised. Two additional pieces of information from the ERP are added – “Tips & Tricks” and “Product recommendations”. There is now also an option of uploading videos to accompany the product images.

An extension was integrated in eZ Publish for customer communication, which establishes a connection to the newsletter service of CampaignMonitor. This way, several mailing lists for different topics and in different languages can be created, which are automatically passed on to CampaignMonitor.

An additional function that customers often request was implemented in the download area, where SHERA makes important product-independent downloads available. You can now also look for specific documents among all available product downloads.

Furthermore, a voucher function is currently being developed as well as an eco-friendly e-billing service. Over the coming weeks, the iPad and iPhone apps will also see minor modifications and a few new functions.

The benefit

SHERA is presenting itself to its target group in a fresh new design. A particular benefit has been achieved through the technical integration of website and shop. The extended search functions, especially the indexing of the PDF content, gives users even better access to the product information.