SHERA website and B2B shop relaunched

SHERA, a leading provider of materials and supplies for dental technology, has had a successful online presence for a number of years, using e-commerce software from In the latest project, the shop and CMS were updated to the latest versions and the UI was redesigned.

The objective for this relaunch was to give each of the SHERA brands its own distinctive look in the web shop. The website now features SHERAclassic, SHERAdigital, SHERA4implants and SHERAacademy as discrete brands but all maintenance is done in one unified back-end system.

The shop has a real-time connection to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Basic data about the digital products are obtained from the ERP. The extensive additional content, however, is administered in the shop back-end via the eZ Publish CMS. In this CMS, Shera is able to manage detailed texts as well as downloads, videos, photographs and other media.

As a special feature, Shera was equipped with a single sign-on function and a multi-shop shopping basket.

The UX follows responsive design principles to allow for comfortable shopping on mobile devices without having to provide native apps. New integrated tools are paving the way for more online marketing activities.

Original reference in German