Realisation of a B2B shop for Fruchthof Nagel

Fruchthof Nagel GmbH, based in Neu-Ulm, southern Germany, is a leading fruit retailer and logistics provider. For more than 50 years Fruchthof Nagel has offered its customers quality, freshness, up-to-date pricing and an increasing number of product-related services.

The objective of the project was to establish a B2B online shop containing around 1500 active items. It should only be possible for users to access the shop after logging in. Visitors without login details should be able to view the products as a catalogue without prices. As well as reducing the workload of sales staff, another important project objective is 24/7 accessibility for customers. The shop should also give the company a better online presence for potential customers.

The solution involves a silver.basic online shop with integrated eZ Publish CMS. The tried and tested Web-Connector handles connection to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and enables complete integration of the B2B shop.

Selling fresh products brings with it a whole host of special requirements. One particular requirement is that customers must select their preferred delivery date immediately after logging in as this date determines the availability of products during the ordering process. Many convenience products are ordered from manufacturers just-in-time to ensure maximum freshness. Time for them to be procured in the shop must be taken into account. For example, there are products which must be ordered by 10am on a Monday for delivery on Tuesday. In the shop the first possible delivery date is shown beside these products.

Fruchthof Nagel uses numerous marketing functions to present the product range in its best light. For example, best sellers, special offers and new products which the shop identifies from corresponding labels in NAV are displayed on the home page. Similar products are displayed in the product details. Any number of documents and images can be added to any item in NAV and made available to the customer to download from the shop. This can be used to produce a detailed product profile, for example.

After logging into the shop, block indicators, customer numbers, sector information and the saved additional charges for partial packaging units are retrieved from NAV during the run time.

 In the event of a block in the ERP, the customer is informed that orders cannot be placed at the present time.

Extra rights have been set up in the online shop for sales staff. Staff can use a delegate function to assume the role of one of their customers and place orders for them. Staff orders have special labels and are handled directly in the ERP without any additional checks. A modified form of the delegate function is also used by key account customers. As soon as an employee from a key account customer's head office logs in, they can select which branch or subsidiary they want to place an order for.

In terms of shop design, the customer requested a self-contained design based on existing marketing materials. This fresh, new design was developed by our partner Netgen in Croatia in close collaboration with the customer and who converted the concept design into the necessary templates.

Fruchthof Nagel now has a fresh, modern and most importantly very efficient online shop which smoothly transfers business logic from the ERP to the online shop. The silver.basic shop solution and Web-Connector have even managed to smoothly implement special requirements of the sector. Internal processes are thereby optimised and customers can place orders at their convenience around the clock.