Internationalisation of Amoena’s corporate websites

Last year, realised for Amoena a multi-shop system with product management functions for the entire product range based on the e-commerce solution silver.e-shop. As part of an international rollout process B2B and B2C shops are now being realised for some countries and corporate sites are implemented for other countries. Which module of the platform should be adopted will be decided on a per country basis. The entire rollout process and the individual adjustments to the specific needs of the individual countries is a challenging task.

The solution in detail

The multi-shop system realised with silver.e-shop and the ECMS eZ Publish delivered together with the shop form the basis for a comprehensive corporate site. eZ Publish allows the parallel management of content in up to 32 languages. In some countries the local language is not used and the English content will be used instead. The product management system controls which products are available for which countries. For the corporate sites the shop serves as a catalogue only and does not include an order function.

The shop has several features that help present the product range to the customer in an appealing and clearly structured way. For example, the overview pages in the catalogue can be filtered by different aspects (colour, size, properties) according to category and product type. The eZ Tags extension allows you to use tags (keywords). The product managers decide which tags to assign to the articles, which then serve as filter criteria in the catalogue/shop.

The online marketing is based on several main aspects. For example in eZ Publish special landing pages can be created and used to advertise articles and product ranges using videos, images and other content. Forms can be used to contact the company, for example to order brochures and catalogues or to register for a newsletter. A form generator allows Amoena to create these forms itself and decide how to further process these form data – either through the eMarketing solution emarsys, by email, in the ERP or in a database. 
The eMarketing solution by ermarsys was integrated for contacting customers. emarsys can be used to send out different emails and newsletters depending on target group and situation.

SEO was taken into account in the development of the site from the outset. To analyse website activity, a number of Google Analytics analysis tools are used.

One of the core functions of the corporate sites, in addition to the catalogue, is the store locator. The store locator displays retail shops and service partners of Amoena that are near the customer in Google Maps. Depending on the country, in addition to partner addresses and contact details, the function also displays extra information such as partner status and participation in special programmes. 

The benefit

The rollout allows Amoena to implement comprehensive country sites as part of a structured process. The highly standardised process means that new websites for the subsidiaries of Amoena can be implemented quickly. eZ Publish with its powerful language and site access  logic is the ideal basis for multilingual corporate sites. silver.e-shop ensures that only the latest product information is published in the country catalogues.

"The individual specifics of the international Amoena subsidiaries and their markets made this project highly complex. 
eZ Publish and the silver.e-shop offer Amoena a solid and practicable basis to successfully take these specific features into account in the WWW."
Sandra Seilwaldstätter-Goder, Global Online Marketing Manager of Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH