Indunorm Hydraulik GmbH

Fresh design and more e-commerce features for Indunorm

Indunorm Hydraulik GmbH has been the go-to specialist in high-pressure connection technology for almost 50 years and is regarded as the leading German system provider for hydraulic hoses and fittings, for spare parts and for small and medium-sized original equipment. Five years after the launch of the website and shop based on silver.eShop, Indunorm also relied on the B2B e-commerce solution from for the relaunch of the shop in 2017.

Achieving the objective with a clear catalogue and new search function

The InduShop features more than nine sections containing in excess of 16,000 product variants. The master data are imported from a PIM and information from the ERP is added.

The optimized search function provides filters and search criteria in all product categories according to product properties. Customers find the desired article in no time.

With the new version of the shop software, Indunorm can offer its customers exciting new features, such as: budget management and release workflows for the customers, as well as an intuitive comparison function.

The new look impresses with modern technology, flexible design, attractive standard templates for content and new convenient features for customers.

Good product data via PIM connection and integrated CMS

The product data for the Indunorm online shop come from a PIM system and are automatically imported into the shop. This ensures that customers always see the latest product information online. Through the CMS in the backend of the silver.eShop, the individual products are supplemented with downloads and additional information. The product groups are editorially managed in the shop, with pictures, descriptions and metadata added.

Using the integrated CMS eZ Enterprise, the editors maintain the full, comprehensive company website, service pages and catalogue downloads. The landing page tool enables the flexible design of the start page and, if desired, the creation of additional landing pages.

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