INFORMS is a professional association of about 10,000 members and the largest society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research (O.R.), management science and business analytics. Think mathematical modeling and supply chain management.

INFORMS selected Beaconfire to design and develop their new enterprise website management system because of their expertise in multi-site platform building. INFORMS desired both their main site and dozens of sub-properties to be supported by one architecture and share content across properties.

The objective of this project was for INFORMS to have one platform, shared content and a template library to improve the efficiency of their site management and publishing efforts. Currently, they had their main site and dozens of sub-properties deployed on myriad platforms and some hard coded HTML sites.

During this process, Beaconfire migrated 2,400 files, 1,000 folders/categories, 3,000 pages and 2,900 images from the old site and other web properties (communities, meetings sites and journal sites and more.) The scale of the migration was one of the most noteworthy aspects of this project.

The result was nicely summed up on INFORMS new website in their first blog post featured on the new home page by Gary Bennett, INFORMS' Director of Marketing. "We do hope, however, that this overall structure and presentation will live on for a long time and provide both members and guests with a pleasing and information-packed experience. We believe we now have both a front end and back end structure in place to serve us into the future."

He also went on to highlight new key features of the overall website:
• A clearer, more user friendly site navigation that was developed by users through card sorting exercises and focus groups

• Audience-based sections of the website that call out information and resources of particular interests to academics, practitioners, students and international members and guests

• Easier access to breaking INFORMS and OR/MS news

• A sampling of premium content from our journals featured on front page

• Upgraded calendar of events with a robust dedicated search function

• An improved site search capability using Google and the ability to limit searches to certain collections within IOL

• A uniform look across all INFORMS websites (each Community whether it is hosted by INFORMS or not now has a landing page within IOL that assures visitors they are still viewing INFORMS information)

• A new member dashboard where you can see all of your INFORMS publications, communities and other INFORMS resources all in one place. "We hope to build out the member dashboard in the future to become a gateway to access and manage your INFORMS resources and to serve as a repository for your own research," Gary added.