A Novel Website: How eZ helped Haugenbok create a modern online book buying experience

Haugenbok is one of Norway’s largest online booksellers. In 1996, they were one of the first Norwegian bookstores to have an online shop, selling collected works of writing. In 1998, they started offering a more assorted inventory of genres online. In 2012, Haugenbok surveyed the performance of their website. The results showed long download times, weak SEO and cluttered landing pages. In light of the survey results, Haugenbok decided it was time for a redesign and new CMS. They hired eZ Partner Keyteq for the project. After a collaborative planning process, Haugenbok and Keyteq defined the following key objectives for the project:

Haugenbok Case Study
  • Modernize the look and feel of the website
  • Provide a better user experience
Improve SEO and conversion rates
Integrate the CMS with several external systems

Haugenbok chose eZ Publish Platform to deliver a new and engaging site. Find out more about the project and implementation in this case study.