Hammerson Shopping Centers

Hammerson France is a British company which manages major malls, including Italie2, Bercy2, Espace St Quentin, O’Parinor, 3 Fontaines, Place des Halles, Villebon2 and Grand Maine.
In 2010, Hammerson France chose eZ Publish for the remodeling of its Shopping centers’ sites, and had elected Novactive as its copartner for this major project. Thus, Novactive which has also directed the design and the sites’ content, has deployed an eZ Publish 4.3 platform as well as 8 Site-Access for each shopping center.
In parallel with this complete overhaul, our agency is implementing a dedicated team, providing content editing, regular Webmastering, and performing many traffic development operations (e-mailings, contests, SMS, and more).

Other sites: www.ccbercy2.com, www.italie2.com, espacesaintquentin.com, www.3fontaines.com, www.villebon2.com, www.grandmaine.com