GALA, Groupe Prisma Presse

GALA, the premium people magazine, reports every Thursday on the latest happenings in the fascinating world of the stars. With exclusive photos, empathetic stories, honest interviews and brilliant photo spreads, GALA creates an intimate, but always respectful closeness to the stars. It sets, week after week, editorial standards for sophisticated, glamorous journalism.

eZ Publish was chosen to power the entire magazine portfolio within Groupe Prisma Presse. By choosing eZ Publish as their central CMS platform, Prisma Presse are able to easily distribute and reuse their content across its entire portfolio. By also consolidating all their brand websites onto eZ Publish, Prisma Presse were able to save time and money by reusing functionality as well as design across their brands.

About Groupe Prisma Presse

Groupe Prisma Presse is the second largest magazine publisher in France and the number one magazine publisher on Internet with about 10 million unique users per month. More than one Internet user out of four regularly visits a Prisma Presse website.

The groups brands include Ca m’interesse, Capital, Cuisine Actuelle, Cuisine Gourmande, Femme, Femme Actuelle, Femme Actuelle Jeux, Gala, GEO, GEO Ado, Guide Cuisine, Management, National Geographic, Prima, Prima Maison, Shopping, Tele 2 semaines, Tele Loisirs, TV Grandes chaınes, Voici & VSD.