3M Shop Schweiz

German Silver Partner infolox GmbH created an eZ Publish based Website and Online-Shop that integrates with their "Katalogfabrik“ - Product Information Management (PIM) for 3M Schweiz AG.

3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services all over the world. One of their six business divisions is the "Consumer and Office“ domain with well-known brands like "Scotch“ and "Post-it“.

infolox implemented a user friendly online platform which provides access to information on products and services for business customers to enhance marketing and sales via a better presence in the B2B market.

3M went for the ideal combination of eZ Publish and infolox' "Katalogfabrik“ PIM. Information on products can now easily be edited and added in PIM and made available for web publishing via the CMS connector to eZ Publish.