Written by Gillian Griffis, Director Marketing Operations

Hello eZSummit participants,

Now that the eZSummit is behind us and things are just a little calmer I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself, the full Marketing team and eZ Crew in general to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who joined us in Cologne. Thanks to your participation and enthusiasm we had a great Summit and most definitely a blast on Awards Night.

After reviewing the responses and comments from the post-summit surveys received, we in Marketing are especially pleased to know that the overall organization was deemed to be very good to excellent, and there has been very positive feedback to the split in conference events, we are glad we’re heading in the right direction with this last business-focused event!

We have reviewed and provided to management your comments and suggestions regarding format, the presentations offered and the overall content of the eZSummit, it is through your feedback that we can look towards the best ways to improve as an organization and offer you the best User Experience as an attendee of our future events.

Post survey is still available if you haven’t had the chance to respond.

During the next weeks, we will be busy working on the post-production of the videos so please stay tuned on ez.no and on our twitter account (@eZSystems) to be the first to see them.

Last but not least, if you have the wish to share your pictures and impressions about the event, feel free to drop us a mail at communications@ez.no we read all of them! 

Have a great day!


Gillian Griffis

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