On September 8, 2016 eZ hosted an event in Minneapolis, Minnesota called Horizon: A Discussion on The Evolution of CMS. The event was a chance to discuss the evolution of CMS into a system for content delivery and integration, learn about eZ software and how it can impact business growth, hear success stories from key players in the industry, and network with other businesses in Minneapolis and beyond.

Held at the law offices of national firm Robins Kaplan , some of the presentations included :

  • The Natural Irrationality of Implementing CMS, Deane Barker, Chief Strategy Officer - Blend Interactive
  • Solving the Unsolvable? Solutions You'd Never Think Were Driven by a CMS, Peter Keung, Managing Director and Doug Plant, Client Engagement Manager - Mugo Web
  • Creating Digital Experiences with eZ: From Content to Commerce—An Overview of The Economist, Gayot and Protegez-vous, Gauthier Garnier, General Manager and Partner - Kaliop and Sébastien Morel, Head of US Operations and Technology - Novactive
  • Exploring eZ's Content Management Platform, Roland Benedetti, Chief Product Officer and Bård Farstad, Chief of Strategy and Co-Founder - eZ

We were thrilled to see some new faces at Horizon, notably Fred Beecher, Director of UX Design and Experience at Nerdery, who joined Jeff Herron, Founder & VP of Client Services at Beaconfire and Mark Marsiglio, Enterprise WCM expert of Contextual Code, for a panel discussion on assisting clients through their digital transformation.

 Want to take a peek at the content that these speakers shared? Read the highlights below.

Deane Barker, The Natural Irrationality of Implementing CMS.

Deane Barer the Irrationality of a CMS

This opening slide from Deane’s talk sums up the presentation. “Deus ex Machina” was the theme, and translated from Latin it means, “God and Machine.” Deane cleverly pointed out, the machine can’t fix everything. There has to be a real world plan in place.  

Deane Barker Irrationality Implementing CMS

Half thought-leader, half comedian, Deane’s reference to Regina George’s demise in the end scene of Mean Girls was a crowd pleaser, but he made a striking point here. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution for every technical problem.

Want to read Deane’s full deck? Browse the slides below or download the presentation.

Roland Benedetti and Bård Farstad, Exploring eZ's Content Management Platform

Roland Benedetti explains the benefits of eZ’s decoupled approach to content management to engage users across platforms, channels and devices. We’ve all seen content platforms emerge in various forms over the years, social media, apps etc. These technological advances have changed how many business function, display content and communicate to their audiences. Using a decoupled architecture, companies can separate content creation and management from content delivery. In a decoupled approach you can manage your content in a repository and use a REST API to connect this repository to various platforms; this way your content is reusable over time and you don't get left behind technologically.

Fred Beecher, Mark Marsiglio and Jeff Heron

Fred beecher, Mark Massiglio and Jeff Heron

These three gentleman participated in a panel titled,  Assisting Clients Through Digital Transformation (speakers pictured from left to right: Fred Beecher, Mark Marsiglio and Jeff Heron).

Clients don’t always have a clear understanding of what they need. The panelists made it quite clear, defining business needs are crucial to a project. The speakers also talked a bit about what the “ideal organization” looked like and emphasized how important it is to have all stakeholders involved. It can be very limiting if a project is held by a single department, especially when it’s IT.

The event wrapped up with a nice networking hour with refreshments, and the audience members had the opportunity to mingle with the speakers. We look forward to hosting another event in Minneapolis in the future. Until next time!

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