Written by Nicolas Pastorino, VP Marketing, eZ Systems

As promised in our previous blog post on eZ Marketing Predictions for 2014, we have some more to say about what we think 2014 will look like. Read on.

#8 - More Content, More Interesting Content!

Inbound & Content Marketing will continue to thrive, likely to become a commodity for marketers, a given, the foundation on top of which the rest is built. Google's recent updates show the way towards focusing on content quality, subject matter editorial bits, rather than keyword stuffing or hijacking, and other (questionable) SEO practices. Organizations will have to tell engaging stories, in a qualitative way, to gain visibility in search.

#9 - Segmentation: the New Mandatory Ingredient of Inbound Marketing

As the attention span decreases year on year, the visitors' demands for relevancy steadily grows: "the right content, to the right audience, on the right channel, at the right time" will become pretty much the standard, rather than the aimed-at sophistication. Responding to this is grabbing the opportunity to support impulse buying and shorten the average conversion time. The challenge, however, is likely to reside in being great at that for the brand new suspects, whom we have not been nurturing, profiling and segmenting already.

#10 - From Big to Smart Data: Making Sense out of Petabytes

Smart Data = Big Data + Intelligence. A simple equation in which real-life usefulness comes from:

  1. The technological capability to capture a massive (and counting) amount of behavioral data every second, be it browsing tracking, order data, in-app journeys, cross-channel interaction. This part is well on its way,
  2. A clear idea of which key metrics should be monitored to successfully manage one's online business, and why they matter, tying them to customer intents & behaviors - they probably make more sense when looked at as a whole rather than individually. This part is one of a marketer's/strategist's raison d'être,
  3. A "child's play" type of way to consolidate them from different sources, consult them, compare them across segments & in time, and consistently make business sense out of them. That's for the "+" in the equation, and this one will develop in 2014.

#11 - Several Reports of Marketer "Insanity due to Channel Overdose"

Until 2013 included, a solid marketer could endure the steady growth in amount of channels to deal with, or at least explore. That was without counting with the proliferating "connected objects". We predict that several marketers will be admitted, in 2014, for treatment of acute "Insanity due to Channel Overdose".

#12 - Geo-marketing Will Extend its Reach

...and will become a standard piece of metadata of content, like title and URL. The experience being the key point in engaging, relevancy and personalization shall continue to feed upon behaviour analysis of the target group(s) as well as of the individuals. Coming from a more "traditional" marketing (retail for instance), both static and dynamic geolocation will increasingly become parameters of online marketing systems. Static geolocation is the answer to "where do you live?", quite common already but certainly more available today due to easy access to positioning data in (desktop) browsers, in a programmatic manner (as opposed to user-provided data, of unsure quality). Dynamic geolocation is the answer to "Where are you now?", and using it implies proposing something valuable for You, where you are Now. A 1 EUR discount at the closest Starbucks: you get a push notification in your Starbucks app on smartphone….suddenly feeling like grabbing a quick coffee? A breaking news about a fire that started one block away, on your preferred newspaper's app...should I stop-by to check if the rescue teams need help for evacuating people?

While extracting sense out of a static picture is lots of guesses, "getting" movement seems easier. eZ Publish Platform 5.3 will be shipped with a demo based on Content Geolocation, letting you build Yelp-like applications.

#13 - The Rise & Rise of Chief Digital Officers (CDOs)

Chief Digital Officer will popup in Enterprise organizations, taking over CMO or CIO as really owning digital projects/business. Unlike well-spread rumors, we do not think CMOs will be the new CTOs on the long run (this was just a temporary phenomenon but it does not "feel right"): CDO will be the new one, leading online business.

#14 - “The Content & The Things” or "The liberation of Content"

We have all been blown away by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), once again this year: the breakthroughs in technology and usages were superlative, the new business opportunities appealing. Quickly following, Google acquired Nest for $BN 3.2. The obvious pattern is Connected Objects, otherwise called "The Internet of Things" when put together. These objects, often coming from the disruption of a common object by technology and addition of an internet connection, are right here, at the heart of our lives, and supposed to make it easier, or more efficient, or more fun….bring some sort of value.

They are, from a marketer standpoint, a new channel, and as for every channel, content is one of the ingredients of its relevancy. And to rise to the omnichannel challenge, an integrated multi-channel strategy will be required. There will be a key role for content in the Connected Objects ecosystem, and content delivery (pull AND push to content repository) will have to be enabled by the content management systems. eZ Publish Platform has already decided to liberate its content (read, write, update, etc) via a rock-solid REST API, and is ready for "The Content & The Things".

And feel free to check out the first part of the eZ Marketing Predictions 2014.


(Photo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nest_Thermostat.JPG)

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