Written by Matt Caprioli, Content Marketing Associate at eZ

At eZ, much of our crew loves eZ Publish and eZ Platform so much that they somehow find time to keep work on their own innovative projects.

Digital Experience Manager at eZ Systems, Sylvain Guittard, and his friends at Agrispot have created an app called Chéri Blossom using eZ systems. Using climate data from a variety of sources, the map dynamically predicts when the cherry blossoms in Japan will bloom. 

Last week, billionaire and GIS (Geographic Information System) software legend Jack Dangermond, cited Chéri Blossom as one of his favorite mapping apps. In his keynote address at the Esri conference in San Diego, Dangermond said:

My favorites here are the Cherry Blossoms schedules in Japan. It’s like a wave. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s really beautiful.”   

Dangermond, whose GIS software company Esri explains his networth of 3 billion dollars, named Chéri Blossom after a National Geographic app that shows the drought in California and several other apps detailing nautical patterns.

For Sylvain, this project blended his love of eZ Publish and cartography into a single app.

Before coming to computer science, Sylvain studied agronomy and worked on precision viticulture in France.

During that time, Sylvain saw that a lot of public information on various weather cycles was not being presented to the public. He saw that by using rain and temperature he could predict the blooming patterns of Cherry Blossoms in Japan as far as three months in advance. 

He focused on the rain and temperature patterns that predict Cherry Blossoms in Japan for several reasons.

“I love Japan and Japan is a good location for working on forecast models (small area without continental climate). That's why we created this first project.”

He added that he hopes travelers and local residents can benefit from knowing as far as three months in advance where and when the cherry blossoms will bloom.

You can see Dangermond speak about ChériBlossoms here, and explore the other informative conference talks here

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