Written by Marc Czieslick, Global Vertical Expert Finance

The quick and safe way to create your own website

The new eZ Publish book is for everyone who wants to create a website quickly and safely and without programming experience. It is especially suited for individuals who want to be part of building and maintaining a website that has competent and professional functions that stretch beyond a basic brochure site.

The author takes you by the hand and explains step by step the site construction methods, the editorial creation and the integration of images and graphics. As the internet is an interactive medium, you will also learn how to create a blog or a discussion forum, how to generate contact forms and how they link with other sites.

Through clear and practical examples and colour illustrations of the extensive features of eZ Publish in 10 Steps will help you build your own website in no time. The site you build will appear professional, reliable and convincing for your customers or friends.

This book is written for editors – not for developers – and shows you all functions and features of an editors daily work.   

The English book is available as In-App-Purchase of the App Appsolute eZ and is enriched with several videos, image galleries and links to websites with more information and help. 

The English book will also be available at Amazon soon. You already can get the German version of the book in the App Store or on Amazon.de.

You want get a first impression of the content? Check out the “free look inside” in the App Store.

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