Written by Nicolas Pastorino, VP Marketing

What an intense half-year! With 59 new features, 233 bug fixes & 69 improvements (congrats to the team & community!), this brand new version of our Content Management (CMS) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform is long term supported (LTS). It makes it dramatically easier for developers to learn, develop & deploy. Read on for all details!

At a glance, eZ Publish Platform 5.3 brings the following key benefits:

  • A Long Term Supported release,
  • Making it easier for developers to understand and learn,
  • Making it easier for developers to develop and deploy,
  • Updated Demo site with more ready-to-use features like Places.

With more Symfony in it and less dependencies on the legacy stack, the main way to go is to use the new platform and the Symfony Framework when building content-based applications. It also ships with an updated Demo site with more ready-to-use features like Places. With 5.3, we have also placed a lot of energy in an improved documentation in many other features that will make it easier to anyone to get started.

There is plenty more in 5.3, we invite you to dive into further details, or get in touch:

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We will also come to e-meet you via a dedicated release webinar, which will take place on Friday, June 13th at 15:30 CEST in English (French webinar to be announced soon):

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