Written by Maud Brundseaux, Online Marketing Manager, eZ Systems

December was the month of the Webinars on eZ Publish Platform 5.2. Roland Benedetti, VP Product Management at eZ Systems, introduced the 5.2 Release. Webinars have been held in English, but also in French and German.

During this webinar, he gave a short introduction of eZ Publish Platform, the CXM functionalities and how eZ Publish applies his ‘Create-Deliver-Optimize’ mantra.

In a second part, Roland gets deeper in the eZ Publish Platform 5.2 Release, code-named Aconcagua, its main functionalities. In this webinar, you will hear about the following topics, detailing the business and technological benefits:

  • Improved Caching Systems for Unequaled Performance,
  • Upgraded Symfony Support,
  • Multi-repository Storage and Cache System,
  • Extended Support for Multilingual Sites,
  • Improved Demo Site for the New Stack,
  • New Commenting System,
  • Improved public and REST APIs and JS library,

Roland will also give you some hints on what you can expect for the next releases.
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