We are delighted today to introduce version 1.7.0 of the eZ Platform Open Source and Enterprise Editions. This is a Long Term Support (LTS) version, which follows an exciting and busy year of eZ Platform Fast Track releases.

With this release, eZ Platform now provides an even more solid, higher performance open content management platform for organizations of all sorts to build content-driven digital experiences.

One of the highlights of this release for enterprise customers is an integration of our eZ Personalization cloud service. It’s now possible for editors to choose personalization scenarios from eZ Personalization directly from Studio's landing page editor. Editors can embed blocks of personalized recommendations based on content relevancy, user behavior or a mix of both. This new feature makes it simple to optimize your front pages—such as home pages and category pages—and make them unique and tailored for each visitor.

This release also introduces the Form Builder to eZ Platform Enterprise Edition, which delivers your organization a simple way to collect any kind of visitor information on your website and store it in an easily accessible data store. Thanks to eZ Platform's web framework (based on Symfony), forms can be connected to any specific business process. Like eZ Platform in general, the Form Builder is flexible. 

eZ Platform Open Source and Enterprise Editions now also make it possible to localize the platform's editorial user interface in any language. The Content area of the UI is ready for the eZ Community to translate. Next in line in our roadmap, we will ship the platform with translations of the user interface for many languages or we'll make them available for developers to install, and we'll add localization capabilities to the Page area of the UI, where most of the Studio features reside.

This release also includes a wide variety of improvements to core components of eZ Platform, such as the online editor, the publishing workflow, the repository discovery widget and the search APIs. For more information please refer to the release notes.

Download the software today

The Long Term Supported (LTS) release of eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is now available for download. Customers, please visit your support portal and partners, please check out the Partner Portal. The Open Source edition can be downloaded on ezplatform.com

Happy holidays!

Roland Benedetti

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