Co-authored by: Roland Benedetti, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, eZ
CMS Critic Awards Best Enterprise CMS

We first brought eZ Platform to market in December 2015, and in just short of a year it's making waves among developers, designers, editors, digital transformation enthusiasts and other business users. Just this week we received news that eZ Platform was named Best Enterprise CMS in the 2016 CMS Critic Awards, a people's choice award program run by the team at CMS Critic.

It's quite an honor for us and we are thrilled to hear of the overwhelming support for our new platform. This marks our second CMS Critic award in two years. eZ Publish, the predecessor to eZ Platform, was named Best CMS for Publishers in 2015. 

Congrats to all of this year's winners and nominees!

The top 3 reasons developers love eZ Platform

Our Product team recently ran a survey within the eZ community to find out why developers love eZ Platform. Here are the top 3 reasons they gave us. 

Reason #1: Symfony Full Stack

We adopted the Symfony framework back in 2012 and today we are one of the few CMS out there using the Symfony full-stack framework, and not just individual Symfony components. This is significant for software developers, especially Symfony developers, who have a massive head start to customizing and building on top of eZ Platform. It also means organizations can integrate any bundle from the Symfony ecosystem, and with over 300,000 developers in the Symfony community worldwide (and growing fast), we can't wait to see what continues to come out of that innovative group, and we are pumped to contribute as well. Adopting Symfony also means businesses will have a wider pool of developers to choose from who can support projects using eZ as a content management foundation, and Symfony developers themselves can get major value from incorporating eZ Platform into their development.

Reason #2: Solid Architecture

Architecture has always been important to us in the various generations of eZ Publish we developed, and we’ve put an even bigger emphasis on that in eZ Platform and we’re glad it’s being recognized. eZ Platform is based on a very clean, solid and scalable architecture and developers who care for quality value this. The different components of the system are well decoupled, communicating clearly through proper and understandable APIs (public or REST). We’ve designed the inner part of the platform to more easily deliver performance and scalability both horizontally and vertically. Developers can integrate advanced components such as the caching system, or the solR search and indexing engine.

Reason #3: Flexible Content Repository

Web development is no longer just about websites, and eZ's repository gives organizations the flexibility to structure their content, define their own content model and reuse their content across devices, channels and platforms. Moving from a page- and template-centric WYSIWYG approach to a more structured content-model approach allows you to efficiently deliver specific pieces of content that can be consumed independently, or combined to create a page. This is core to our platform's DNA. 

Developers also like the content repository since it makes their work simpler. In many cases, they no longer have to develop and implement custom content structures, which might not play nicely with the rest of the content management system.

What about the editorial experience?

From a pure UX standpoint, eZ Platform and our premium edition eZ Enterprise feature a new and improved editorial UI, which we are continuously optimizing to make the work of editors, marketers and other business users easier. Our drag-and-drop landing page editor in our enterprise edition is resonating with users who want more control over their webpages, and our timeline feature is high on many editors' lists. After all, who wants to log in on a Tuesday evening or wake up early on a Sunday to publish content when you can book it in advance?

Want to try eZ Platform today?

eZ Platform is open source and we encourage developers to check it out. Visit our developer hub and get eZ Platform using Composer, download a compressed file, or try it on (PaaS) with 30 days of free cloud hosting.

Editors and marketers, interested in getting a demo of the editorial experience? Contact us and we'll show you how it works. 

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