We are on the verge of our upcoming release of eZ Platform version 2 as we have released the first beta of 2.0 this week. We hosted a webinar yesterday to provide a sneak peek of what we have been working on for the past few months, especially for developers.

Our primary goal for the upcoming release of v2 is to make our software easier and faster to develop on. We sought to accomplish this by meeting the following requirements:

  • Increase the development speed for both our own developers (when developing new features for eZ Platform) and the whole community (when customizing or extending eZ Platform)
  • Significantly increase the speed of our U.I. to improve the editorial experience
  • Reduce the learning curve and facilitate adoption for new developers
  • Facilitate the customization of the administration interface

During the webinar, André Rømcke shared v2’s progress which demonstrates some obvious strong performance improvements, thanks to the new U.I architecture and the adoption of Symfony 3.4 and PHP 7.1.

To learn more about eZ Platform v2 watch yesterday's webinar recording, where the following topics were addressed (be sure to listen to the Q&A at the very end):

  • eZ Platform life cycle: past, present and future
  • Quick look at eZ Platform v2 beta
  • Under the hood, major changes since v1
  • Technical overview of v2
  • Demo extending admin U.I. in v2 (beta)
  • Migrating from eZ Platform v1 to eZ Platform v2
  • Migrating from eZ Publish to eZ Platform v2

If you're a developer in the eZ community, we invite you to do hands-on testing of this new beta release, and eventually contribute with some pull request to help improve it. For that, you can install the beta via composer or get it on https://ezplatform.com/#download-option.

If you have any comments or questions about this beta release, join the new forum at https://discuss.ezplatform.com or email us at productmanagement@ez.no.

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