The team at eZ has been very busy lately. Before celebrating Halloween yesterday, we released our October Fast Track of eZ Platform, version 1.12, as well as a new maintenance release of our long term supported (LTS) version 1.7.6. So, whether you are on the conservative side—running our LTS—or on the innovative side—using the latest fast tracks, you should probably check it out!

First off, as you might already know, the eZ Product team’s focus and energy is vastly on the next generation, eZ Platform version 2, so don’t expect a big bang release in 1.12.Yet, 1.12 comes with a bunch of goodies, and a much improved stability that I’m sure your users will appreciate. We highly recommend the upgrade.

Among the new features, the Online Editor now offers standard formatting options for subscript, superscript, quote and strikethrough (thank you @plopix for contribution here).

The content repository provides new API functions for translation management as well as improved full text search capabilities.

1.12 also comes with increased security, providing by default a more secured encryption of user passwords. Finally, the caching capabilities have also been refactored and improved, switching from a default http cache module to the ezplatform-http-cache package.

To learn more, the release notes will provide you with all required info and links to best enjoy this new release!

And as we also brought a lot of bug fixes and minor enhancement to version 1.12 (such as the infamous “+” bug that we are very happy to have finally fixed and the human readable names for policy limitations). Naturally, those fixes also benefit our LTS users, hence a new patch release of our long term supported release, version 1.7.6. Please feel free to check the list of fixes on Github here.

As always, the new releases are available now on these channels:

Enjoy, and feel free to reach out with feedback to the product management team at

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