Written by Melissa Dellaméa Kaste, Marketing Manager eZ Market

The eZ Market is the extension market place for eZ Publish Enterprise customers. Those extensions connect eZ Publish Enterprise with selected technologies in order to complete eZ Systems’ Customer Experience Management (CXM) vision.

Sometimes it can be hard to explain in a few words how an eZ Market extension works, so we have created some demo videos for you, which enables you to see those extensions in action!

As we add more extensions to the platform we will add more demos too. Happy viewing!

eZ Recommendation Service

Improve user engagement and boost sales with content personalisation and product recommendation.

eZ Recommendation Service demo video

eZ odoscope

Smart Site Analytics for visualizing data to optimize the Customer Experience.

eZ odoscope Smart Analytics demo video

eZ Live Viewer

Real-time content trending & optimization.

eZ Live Viewer demo video

eZ App Factory

Mobile and tablet Apps in a click!

eZ App Factory, Mobile and Tablet App in one click demo video

eZ Exceed

The new generation of user experience for editorial.

eZ Exceed demo video

eZ OpenMagazine

Automating multi-channel content creation for your digital first business.

eZ Open Magazine demo video

eZ Collaboration Workflow

Fits naturally with your team's collaboration and approval needs.

eZ Collaboration Workflow demo video

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eZ Content Cockpit

Helps editors and marketers effectively manage the online business strategy and goals.

eZ Content Cockpit

More to come from September this year!

Any questions on the eZ Market – do not hesitate to contact us at: info.market@ez.no

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