Written by Bertrand Maugain, VP Nordics

eZ Systems is organizing the eZ International Days on June 3rd  2014. It's more than simply a gathering of the full eZ ecosystem, it is a real chance to learn and improve your digital projects with eZ. The event will especially be relevant for 2 audiences: 

  • Digital marketers, editors, business owners 
  • Web & Application developers

eZ Solution Partners will also have dedicated sessions on the second day, June 4th 2014.

One business track with international case studies

It is a place to learn about Content Management, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce from prestigious organizations coming from all over the world. In a digital economy where it is all about finding its own recipe to succeed there is no better way than understanding what worked and did not work for other organizations. And the fact that speakers come from so many different industries and countries is a real opportunity: ideas, concepts, business models have been tried out; it brings up new perspectives. It is a great chance to learn and experience digital success. 

One technology track to understand how

What happens under the hood? How is the eZ Engineering team working to solve the future needs to succeed online. This track aims at developers who like to dive into the core of things. eZ Engineering team will be sharing the status of the platform and how Symfony2 gets at the heart of it. Discussions about the roadmap and future components will be held and tutorials will be delivered so that we can leave from Oslo with a lot of new learnings. Last but not least it will be possible to get certified during the day on June 3rd. 

An evening event on the top of Oslo

Do not miss that part. The eZ International Days will be held at Stratos in Oslo which gives a unique view of the Oslo fjord and the evening event should surprise more than one. At this time of the year the Scandinavian nights are amazing.

Stay tuned

Make the most of our early bird pricing of 189EUR and visit http://ezdays.ez.no. And stay tuned. We will share more and more about the event. We are all excited about this and look forward to seeing you all there! 

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