Co-authored by: Eiren Birkeland, Partner Associate, eZ

With over 200,000 spectators expected to attend the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) set out to deliver an immersive digital experience on multiple channels and devices. 

The IOC wanted to engage the public with event and athlete news, an interactive program, real-time results from the competitions, multimedia and general information such as transportation and accommodation. They also aimed to sell more tickets, increase attendance at competitions, provide more opportunities for advertising and sell merchandise online.

The IOC awarded the project to Seeds Consulting, an eZ Partner, who brought Netlife Research in to collaborate on the initiative.

The goals of the IOC required the creation of multiple websites in a very short time frame. Seeds Consulting knew the IOC needed a CMS with the flexibility to connect to outside systems and manage these multiple sites in one place. The IOC desired four websites for various personas and events, mobile apps, and the ability to push content to TV and convert to print. With Seeds Consulting’s recommendation, the IOC selected eZ Publish.

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The IOC used a multisite strategy with eZ Publish, which allowed them to engage with multiple personas on specific aspects of the Games. Using eZ Publish, the IOC raised awareness for the event, sold more tickets than in the years before and introduced efficiencies for brand management, editorial and translation management, and feature testing and deployment.

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