Today we look back at 2017, at some of the highlights that took place in our Ecosystem. From today's release of eZ Platform v2, eZ Platform Cloud, events and lots more.

“2017 belongs to those who adapt fast.” Words by Aleksander Farstad, CEO and Co-Founder of eZ Systems, when he reflected on the past but also looked at the future a year ago.

Today, looking back at some of the exciting and remarkable news and other highlights in our ecosystem this year, we did well. We adapted on several fronts—in technology, in our community platform, and more— all with great results such as the release of eZ Platform v2. We achieved this together with our ecosystem.


The most recent news and much anticipated one, is the release of eZ Platform v2. eZ Platform v2 is mostly about the content management user interface (also called admin, back-office, CMS, admin-UI, platform-UI). You can read about the full details including a video in the announcement.

Along with version 2 comes the release of eZ Platform 1.13 LTS. The latest release in the 1.x series. eZ Platform 1.13 comes with many interesting improvements, including some great new features such as the brand new link manager. You can learn more about it on the release notes.

First announced during the eZ Conference 2017 in London is another highlight this year: the release of eZ Platform Cloud. eZ Platform Cloud is a cloud hosting solution that offers our leading, latest generation content management software—eZ Platform, in a platform-as-a-service approach powered by eZ Platform Cloud provides the underlying hosting infrastructure to run projects as well as the necessary development tools to deploy and manage projects.

eZ Systems teamed up with Sébastien Morel from Novactive for a joint development of eZ Launchpad. eZ Launchpad is based on Docker and provides your development team with an easy and fast way to spin up an eZ Platform development environment. This environment comes with Solr and Varnish, and also allows for Git and GitHub team collaboration.

We didn’t just look forward, we also looked at challenges that our partners and customers face today. Those are projects running on Legacy products. To improve both adoption and the migration to eZ Platform, we announced the official support for Legacy Bridge on eZ Platform Enterprise. Along with this support, eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 was released providing a more up to date community release.

To make all of the technological innovation happen, we further expanded our partner network with, Cloudinary and Siteimprove.

eZ Systems was again recognized as a provider in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant. Positioned as a niche player, eZ Systems is ideal for organizations in search of a proven and affordable CMS solution that enriches their clients’ digital experiences. eZ Platform was also recognized as runner up, for Best Enterprise CMS, in the CMS Critic Awards 2017.

Pulley our mascot became world famous in 2017. Our very own Hakan Ertan, who is the artist behind many of the graphics used on and the creator of Pulley, our mascot, is now listed in the Bézier book "The Best Vector Artists World Wide". Bézier Volume 1 is a curated collection of the highest quality digital artwork from the world's best vectors artists.

Pulley the Mascot


Every year we organize, sponsor and attend many events to meet with partners, customers and our community. The highlight of the year is of course our own eZ Conference.

This year eZ Conference took place in London from June 6-8 at the Tower Hotel, situated between the River Thames and St Katharine Docks and next to The Tower of London. The views were unparalleled, our main conference area where sponsor tables were located had a full wall of windows overlooking the Tower of London and the river. It quickly became the perfect spot for group pictures.

eZ Conference London brought together partners, clients and the eZ crew from all over Europe and Central and North America—three days where the eZ community from across the world spent time together while also learning and sharing experiences.

Some of the events we sponsored this year were Web Summer Camp and several SymfonyLive events, as well as SymfonyCon. Web Summer Camp is organized by one of our partners, Netgen. This year there were 190 workshop participants, sponsors and organizers from Netgen and Salsa Adria Productions, and 15 companions. Attendees came from 17 countries.


2017 has also seen many highlights and improvements for our developer community. First was the launch of the new documentation site at Based on Read the Docs, and the source of all documentation on GitHub, our developer documentation is now fully open to contributions.

Openness and transparency are important to us. Preserving our knowledge around eZ Platform is also important, so we launched a dedicated forum for all of your questions and discussion around eZ Platform. The thought behind this was to make the forum the preferred entry point for questions and discussions over Slack.

Also introduced this year is the Bundle List on Packages published on by our community are listed on our Developer Hub. These packages are compatible with eZ Platform.

Also of these changes expanded our Developer Hub located at A place to find all resources for eZ Platform.

The Community Board initiated two new maintainer teams this year. These teams consist of a few community members and focus on maintenance of a specific part of eZ Publish or eZ Platform. In the case of the current teams, this concerns maintenance on LegacyBridge and ezfind, both part of our Legacy software.


Another addition to the Developer Hub this year was the Community Metrics Dashboard. The Dashboard updates data from several sources every day—from GitHub to Jira and our Forum. It shows activity from both eZ Systems and our community. The data presented is for example, Pull Requests, Commits and messages on the forum. Below are some of the statistics for this past year.


The eZ Platform repository gives a good indication of the number of releases as this is also the source for eZ Platform Enterprise. In 2017 there have been 45 releases, from 1.7.x to 1.13.x and 2.0. This includes beta, release candidates and stable releases.

Pull requests

Pull requests provide a very good indication of development activity. By both eZ Systems and the Community. Looking at 2017, this resulted in 1979 pull requests by 88 authors on 58 repositories (data taken on 12/20/17).

Pull requests



















Graph - pull requests 2017

If we compare 2017 with the previous year 2016 we see the following increase:

  • Overall increase by 59%
  • Community increase by 48%

2017 top 5 contributing organizations (eZ Systems excluded):

  • Netgen, 53%
  • Novactive, 12%
  • Mugo Web, 9%
  • :data factory GmbH, 8%
  • Kaliop, 5%

2017 top 5 repositories:

  • ezpublish-kernel, 331 pull requests
  • ezplatform-admin-ui, 245 pull requests
  • PlatformUIBundle, 160 pull requests
  • developer-documentation, 127 pull requests
  • hybrid-platform-ui, 106 pull requests


Looking at Jira, our issues tracker, we see the following statistics:













Roughly 10% of all issues in 2017 were reported by the community. eZ Systems uses Jira as one of the tools to support the Agile Development Process, which explains it generating most of the issues.

Issue increase over 5 years: 33%


Looking specifically at the GitHub pull requests we can see a trend where eZ Systems has seen a continuous increase. Community pull request were slightly decreasing between 2013 and 2016 but are increasing again into 2017.

Final words

In his article from last year, Aleksander also said: “We must deliver future-proof technology that helps you transform your digital business models intelligently on the web and beyond. We must create competitive advantage for you by helping you adapt and change your business models faster than your competitors.”

Looking back at all the highlights of 2017, the release of eZ Platform v2 and eZ Platform Cloud, we can only conclude we are on the right path. We involved customers and partners, listened to their demands, and by doing so we enable everyone in our ecosystem with a competitive advantage and future-proof technology.

This leaves me with just a few words: Thank you! Happy Holidays and see you in 2018.

Happy Holidays Wish
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