We are almost month into the summer and are ecstatic to announce that the connector marketplace has been growing tremendously in the past few months. This growth can only be attributed to our wonderful community who is continuing to contribute new add-on's and connectors as well as submitting different ideas to the product team on how to extend eZ Platform’s capabilities. With that said, it is a privilege to present today three new remarkable connectors which all were part of our last eZ Connector competition.

We wish that all could win! However, like the World Cup, only one can be left to raise the eZ Connector trophy. The winner of the eZ connector May competition is with the Mailchimp connector. MailChimp is an email marketing solution that allows you to build customizable email campaigns as well as automate your email marketing initiatives. Emmanuel, who is working as a senior consultant at our partner Smile, developed the connector on his personal time (and name). As the winner of the competition, Emmanuel will receive $2,500 and an additional $5,000 prize if he is able to build an additional connector in the “Build with eZ” phase.

The MailChimp connector provides a range of cool features that seamlessly integrate eZ Platform with MailChimp. A few notable features are:

  • Subscription list: Create mailing lists from the eZ platform interface that are automatically defined in the MailChimp account and linked to the eZ Platform application.
  • Campaigns: Create a marketing campaign linking content from your eZ Platform content repository to be shared in your campaign. Similar to the mailing lists, the campaigns are automatically defined in the MailChimp account and linked to eZ Platform.
  • Subscription form: Create a specific form for a campaign on a page generated by eZ Platform.

Click here to view a demo of the connector and to learn more about its capabilities.

In addition to the MailChimp connector, we had two other connectors that are a great addition to eZ Platform:

Creemedia created a Contentbird connector. Contentbird is a content marketing platform where you can create optimized content for your website.

The connector lets you sync the content from Contentbird to eZ Platform and vice versa. For example, choose which of your eZ Platform user is the author of the article, which type of content should be created and in which category the content should be placed. The package is open source and available on Github: https://github.com/creemedia/eZcontentbirdBundle.

Watch the video below to learn more about the eZ Contentbird Connector capabilities:

Another connector in the running was inwebco’s Google Analytics (GA) connector. The connector lets editors and administrators of eZ Platform access the web analytics from GA directly within eZ Platform user interface. The connector adds a new tab on the administrator interface and makes it possible to view further information from Google Analytics without having to access the Google Analytics application.

To learn more, read this blog post.

As a reminder, the eZ Connector Marketplace expansion program was launched this past February at eZ’s Barcelona partner meeting. The eZ Connector initiative consists of two programs: eZ Connector Competition and Build with eZ. These programs are an opportunity for partners, developers, and third-party software vendors to build connectors that extend eZ Platform’s capabilities.

The next competition will kick off on August 1st. Registration for next month’s competition is already open.

Copyrights and intellectual property requirements: The connectors must be open source and follow the GPL license (version 2). For the eZ Connector Competition phase, participants are welcome to host the codebase of the connector anywhere, be it on their personal Github repository or their company Gitlab account. We, however, ask that they grant eZ Systems with the right to use the connector following the eZ Contribution License Agreement (CLA) , During the Build with eZ phase, the participant must agree on the same CLA, and, as it will be a collaboration with eZ Systems, we ask the codebase of the connector be hosted on eZ Systems GitHub organization (https://github.com/ezsystems/). eZ Systems will create a dedicated repository for it when launching the phase. To learn more visit our Build a Connector for eZ page.

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