Nonprofits Trust eZ

Nonprofits are more digitally dependent than ever before.

More and more donations are made via the Web, and the website is becoming the central channel for users to learn about an organization’s mission, activities, staff and publications, and ultimately the place to sign up and become members. No matter your mission, a powerful web presence extends the reach and influence of your cause.

eZ has a long history of supporting nonprofits. Foundation Center, the French Red Cross association (Croix Rouge Française) and Heart Rhythm Society all trust eZ for content management.

We’ve spoken to many of our nonprofit customers to find out why they feel eZ is a match for their organizations. This is what we heard.

Content management made simple

Your content needs to reach a community and engage with it. eZ Enterprise supports your endeavors to reach a global audience. eZ can help you create, edit, and publish content of any type, from simple blog posts, articles and videos to more structured and complex content such as reports, and data-heavy information. Quickly preview content on different devices and publish fast. If you are working with a multi-national team, it’s easy to manage translations all in one place. This allows you to reach other geographic markets efficiently.  With out of the box workflow management, it’s easy to manage the process of content review and approval.  Our granular rights and permissions system even allows you to assign users the proper access to content and sections on the site.

eZ Flex Workflow

The Flex Workflow in eZ Enterprise makes it simple for editors and marketers to collaborate with colleagues across teams.

 The right content on the right device

eZ’s repository also came up in several conversations. We’ve always recommended our customers put a lot of care into their information architecture, and many of the nonprofits using our platform cited structured content as a key to their success. We discussed this topic in a previous post, and suffice to say many nonprofits are reusing their content in interesting ways. To recap, structuring your content really opens doors when it comes to repurposing content for different devices, channels and users. A nonprofit could, as an example, offer incentives to patrons who donate to their site and in return give them exclusive content or special content bundles. In addition, content can be pushed to apps for patrons on-the-go, and this is starting to happen more and more.

Membership signup and premium content

 With eZ you you can fully digitize your membership signup and renewal, providing a smooth way for your members and potential members to manage their memberships. With the secure platform in eZ you can deliver member only content. This enables you to deliver more value to your members as well as open up an additional revenue channel.

With a long track record  in delivering secure and efficient content based on levels of membership access, eZ is well suited to accommodate the needs of nonprofits.  We have built our expertise and capabilities in this domain by working with some of the most demanding organizations in media such as The Economist and the Financial Times, which have very complex requirements in terms of paid content. We have also helped some of the world's leading financial institutions and banks, where security is crucial.

Stay connected to internal and third-party platforms

These days, creating a non profit web page is more complex than simply digitizing a print brochure. Non profits often use their website as a central point of access, hosting many different types of data in CRM or ERP systems. Information is often decentralized. eZ excels at integrating content from 3rd party systems, and is unequaled when it comes to customizability. Its set of REST APIs and connectors makes it simple to build a complex ecosystem for the web and beyond. If your organization has multiple databases, eZ Enterprise can talk to your other systems and share data back and forth. This means you could feed content from another system into eZ and display it on your website, or feed content on your site from the CMS to a native app or other device. You can even integrate eZ with third-party CRM solutions for an efficient donation process. With online contributions on the rise, your website and CRM work together for a harmonious giving-and-receiving experience.

eZ Foundation Center

Most of the content on comes from Foundation Center’s central database. To automate the transfer of data to, eZ Partner Beaconfire RedEngine developed a solution leveraging eZ’s and Foundation Center’s APIs that allowed editors to automatically import and display data from Foundation Center’s database on in real time.

In sum, eZ Enterprise provides an elegant way for your nonprofit organization to engage members, solicit donations, and provide a community hub. Patrons are interested in learning more about your organization, and an engaging online presence will add credibility to your cause.

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