Written by Maud Brundseaux, Online Marketing Manager, eZ Systems

Marketing automation has often been described as an automated way to do online marketing. This is partly true in the sense that, it will automate analytics and marketing processes so you can take the time to concentrate on the core business of marketing: seducing your customers. One of the bases of it is segmentation.

Why Should I Automate Marketing?

You can certainly say that implementing marketing automation, shaping your marketing strategy into it, takes a little additional effort (time & budget). The main element of ROI (Return On Investment) is a more satisfying customer journey for your visitors, on your website and other digital touch-points (tailored emails, pre-filled forms, etc).

Is that it, automation? Nope, not only. It’s a way to create, understand and address different segments within your contact/visitors base in order to talk to them individually, with an adapted and personalized speech, in an automated way. So, a first step would be to segment.

Divide and Rule? No, Segment and Personalize

First of all, what is a segment? It is a group of people/profiles with one or many common characteristics. Segmenting means you will create different customer/visitor profiles and find out what they are interested in within your products, what they are expecting from you.

You create segmentation within your potential customers (prospects) profiles. Of course, it requires having an idea of who your prospects and customers are, their needs and in a more “expert mode”, their wishes and expectations. In other words, such profiles are derived from your definition of your target market(s). They are sometimes called “persona”.

And once your profiles’ definitions are all set (by the way, they must adapt as your strategy evolves!), you will be able to personalize the information and the offers you are sending them. You will be able to create a tailored exchange. (We probably all have experienced this situation:  you receive an email with the exact information you were looking for. Is it magic? No, it is segmentation!).

I can hear some of you saying that segmentation will just divide our valuable contact base into small groups. No, because with marketing automation, segments are a dynamic concept. This means that, according to the journey a visitor takes on your website and touch-points, she will possibly belong to more than one segment. So, on the opposite, the more your visitor navigates on your website, the more refined his profile will be, the better you know him… and this is all automatic and dynamic! 

What About Segments in eZ Marketing Automation?

As marketing automation is based on segmentation, there is quite logically a tab called “Segment” in eZ Publish Platform’s core extension “eZ Marketing Automation”. In this tab, you can create a segment for which you define all sorts of characteristics (conditions):

Every visitor that will fulfill these conditions will become a member of this segment

Let’s take a very basic use-case:

You are a reseller of a product and your product is built for 3 sizes of business (small, medium, large). And your product is also available in French, English and German. You can create a segment that is called “Small French Companies”. In your segment, you establish that the visitors staying, for instance, more than 5 minutes on the product description page for small companies and coming from France will belong to this segment.

Now What? What Should I Do With my Segments?

Two weeks later, you are launching a brand new feature on the French product for small companies. Now, well equipped with your segments, you can address only the small French companies and tell them: “Hey, you might be interested in this new feature!”.

This is of course an extremely basic example. Thanks to eZ Marketing Automation you will be able to segment according to activities on the website, to the fact they filled out a form (and which one), on how they reacted to one of your marketing email campaign, on how they reached your website, and many other behavioral parameters (activity, engagement).

Segmentation is only one aspect of marketing automation. There are many more interesting features that can help you to improve your customers’ and prospects’ experience (to name a few: prospect tracking, advanced lead nurturing, landing pages & forms.

This can seem a bit complicated at first, and can come through more easily with a live and personalized demo. Feel free to request one from one of our eZ Consultants on Marketing Automation.

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