Written by Aleksander Farstad, CEO, eZ Systems

We established in my first blog post that our focus is on the business owner. eZ Systems will be there to solve business needs, all of which, in the end, come back to one of two things: either drive more revenue or save costs.

While our main competitors focus on marketing suites to attract and pursue new customers, eZ Publish will focus on converting potential and existing customers into business, and improving your digital processes to save costs and serve your customers more efficiently. Ultimately, we will focus on what makes you more money, and give you a higher return on your marketing investments.

We aim to help business owners build exciting self-service offerings and great customer experiences over all digital touch points. We enable organizations to orchestrate context-specific content - to deliver the relevant content at the right moment, to the preferred device, with the best experience.

These are the real prerequisites for e-commerce and e-business that work. As we said, Content is Gold and Customer is King.

We call this “where content means business”.

So what does this imply for our product strategy going forward?

The key focus on eZ’s future product portfolio will be:

#1 : A rock-solid Content Management Platform as a foundation for all content-driven digital business processes. Adaptable with open interfaces to connect to customer legacy systems - because all business-related systems will be integrated into the digital business processes.

#2 : Efficient and easy-to-use environments for digital business owners and editors. These are digital artists who deserve an efficient and ergonomic environment for the creation, delivery and optimization of their digital business.

#3 : Integrated best-of-breed customer and user experience tools, focusing on leveraging the power of big data to better understand customer preferences, and improving your customers’ digital experience on all devices.

#4: Built-in e-business functionality; workflows and collaboration, embedded e-commerce engine. This is about digital business processes for coordinating teamwork, to deliver optimized results at the lowest cost, and seamless conversion into real business.

It is all about making content mean business.

Stay tuned! We’ll be launching our product roadmap and details in the near future…

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