It’s been already two months since our release of v1.7 LTS, and now it’s time for a new Fast Track release of eZ Platform: we’re very happy to introduce eZ Platform version 1.8.

You might have followed that we started to work on a future major upgrade to our platform which will give birth to version 2.0. While we started the work on that, we aren’t yet focusing all our resources on it. We still have many small yet important features we want to bring to the 1.x series before we eventually do this bump. That’s what this 1.8 version is all about, and that is also what 1.9 will probably be.

Better Content Browsing

Many users have asked for it; we reworked the Content Tree with version 1.8, focusing first on its version available in the Universal Discovery Widget (UDW). From now on, when using the UDW, you’ll be able to use a new content browser which might remind you of some others.

This browser makes navigation more pleasant and efficient. Beyond the UI change, the major improvement is that the browser is now able to load progressively as many items as required. No more fixed limit to the number of sub-items visible in a folder! And, as it’s progressive loading, it won’t penalize speed of the user interface. This is done in the UDW; for next version, we’ll generalize the system to the main content tree.

Sort those Sub Items

Another small but important thing: Sub-Items are now sortable in the Sub-Item widgets. Editors can more easily decide to sort their list against the different columns available.

The next step on this will be to allow customization of the columns.

A Better Online Editor

We addressed two of the main limitations we heard a lot from users of the previous 1.7 version when it comes to the Online Editor: the ability to use internal links when linking to a content item in the same repository, and ability to set a Title for the link.

The editor also comes with the ability to quickly and simply move elements up and down within the document now, as well as a few other small improvements that should save some clicks.

Stage 2 of our New Form Builder

With the LTS release, we introduced a new Form Builder available for our Enterprise customers as part of Studio. The Form Builder is available out-of-the-box with different fields supported, but it’s first and foremost a framework that developers can use and extend with their own form fields.

With v1.8, we decided to add a small collection of very common Field Types to prevent you from reinventing the wheel each time. The Form Builder comes with the following new fields: URL, Date, Checkbox, Radio, Dropdown, Captcha, File Upload.

Localizing eZ Platform

With the last LTS, we introduced our localization system. The eZ Platform User Interface was ready to be translated. With this version, we bridged the gap to fully translate all Studio interfaces, and also to enable contributors to easily create new translations of the core platform, or of their own extension. In particular, we worked on an integration with an online tool call Crowdin that makes the process of translating the interface a breeze. Check it out, and please contribute if you feel like it; all help is welcome to make the application available in as many languages as possible.

Finally, because it’s not only about editorial experience, v1.8 came also with some goodies for developers. The bigger one is probably related to the cache system. We introduced a new  approach to HttpCache to improve usability as well as performance by means of cache tagging. This places HttpCache in a seperate repo, allowing it to grow independently.

This is it for the most noticeable new additions to eZ Platform. The release also comes with a list of bug fixes and small improvements. For a full list, please review the release notes here.

Our next Fast Track release is now scheduled for April 20th, 2017, and it will come with a new collection of small-but-important improvements to make eZ Platform fly. See you then, and be sure that we’ll keep you updated on the growing work being done on the v2.x revamp project expected later this year. As ever, feel free to contact us if you want to know more, either on the eZ Community Slack or directly via email on

-- The Product Team at eZ

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