On June 16, 2016, eZ Systems hosted its second re\VISION Boston speaker series on digital strategy and innovation. Some of the industry’s top subject matter experts gathered at The Christian Science Monitor to discuss how strategy, technology and people can come together to deliver better, more efficient user experiences.

If you were not able to attend, we have provided video of the various talks at the conference. We hope you find the information inspirational and useful in your digital endeavors!

Kevin P Nichols: Standing Your Content Up for Success in an Era of “Disruption”

Consumer demand for integrated and cross channel experiences, personalization and optimized content to support each interaction… It’s what brands want, and it’s where brands know they need to be. But few brands are there and fewer are set up operationally deliver on such a model for the long-term. Kevin Nichols proposes five key considerations to position your brand for optimized, high quality and customer-centric content across all channels, and he tells you what you need to get there.

Dave Wieneke: Connected Journeys: Closing the Experience Gap

We've heard the promises of integrated marketing clouds and out-of-the-box solutions, but most organizations aren't connecting this marketing technology to a broader experience strategy. Making today's customer experiences work requires new planning frameworks, and an outside-in approach to digital experience delivery. Jeff Cram shares insight on how organizations are bringing together the customer insight, design and technology capabilities necessary to build delightful digital experiences.

Subrata Mukherjee: How a Technology Ecosystem Can Be a Catalyst for Business Growth

As part of our marketing activities, we often capture customer and sales data without knowing what to do with it, and we invest in new systems without considering how they connect. But the proliferation of new technologies presents us with a clear opportunity to think and act differently. While IT has often been a supporting player in business growth, now’s the time to make it a strategic driver. Subrata Mukherjee discusses how businesses can use integrated, best-of-breed technology ecosystems and machine learning techniques to build the holy grail of business efficiency and consumer engagement.

Bård Farstad and Roland Benedetti: Taking Content Beyond the Web

The digital world moves fast, faster than we ever imagined ten years ago. Customers expect a consistent user experience across channels but businesses are struggling to meet consumers’ demands, and the dynamic nature of digital makes it incredibly difficult to anticipate how your strategy will evolve in the years to come. Bård Farstad and Roland Benedetti discuss some of the current trends, disruptions and opportunities in digital experience management, and show how eZ’s content platform helps organizations future proof their digital practices.

Q&A with Guest Speakers: Subrata Mukherjee, Dave Wieneke & Kevin Nichols

Hosted by: Bård Farstad, eZ Systems

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