Written by Nicolas Pastorino, VP Marketing, eZ Systems

eZ Systems is happy to sponsor the introduction of the 2nd edition of the FIPP World Digital Media Factbook, taking place on Oct. 7th 3:00 pm UK/London time in a webinar. Don't miss out on fantastic tips and insight, helpful to adjust, enhance or create your digital business, learning from compelling research on the best players of today.

The FIPP World Digital Media Factbook features more than 500 data sets from more than 65 major research companies from around the world, giving an overview of the magazine landscape in print and digital revenue and usership patterns. The factbook does not forgo identifying new opportunities in creating  additional revenue models or sources. Case-study-based, it covers innovative magazines companies and details their successful digital strategies.

eZ supports, worldwide, a large amount of key players in digital business, providing them with innovative products and services (eZ Publish Enterprise Edition, support, eZ Market extensions) to power their strategy. We will be sponsoring the introduction of the 2nd version of the FIPP World Digital Media Factbook, and are looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Learn more about the FIPP World Digital Media Factbook.

By Nicolas Pastorino

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