This week we share more news about eZ Conference 2017, a new repo eZ Launchpad, excellent contributions from our community including an article on extending RichText field type in eZ Platform and more.


More eZ Conference updates

Fill out this form and enter to win tickets for you and a companion to eZ Conference 2017 in London, June 6-8. Winners will be announced via email and social media on May 10. 4 separate individuals are eligible to win tickets, so your chances of winning are even higher!

Nominations for the eZ Awards 2017 are open until May 1. Please nominate a single person or group for each award. You may submit a nominee for every category or even just one—your choice. Award categories include Innovation of the year, Contributor of the year, Blogger of the year, Best user experience and Extending eZ Award. You can cast your votes here.

Extending RichText field type in eZ Platform

Serhey Dolgushev from Contextual Code has written an excellent article on extending the RichText field type in eZ Platform. The intro of his article starts with:

"During testing of the new admin interface we discovered that a completely new WYSIWYG editor is now being used, but there is currently no easy way to develop eZ XML custom tags. That was the main reason why we decided to spend some time investigating eZ Platform’s rich text field type, looking to find possible ways of extending it."

André Rømcke, Vice President of Engineering at eZ, commented on the article providing some extra tips if you are interested in this topic. Read the full article here.

Simple, automated cache busting JavaScript and CSS in Symfony with eZ Platform

Peter Keung from Mugo Web provides a solution for undesirable cache issues when using Assetic. Assetic is used in eZ Publish 5.x and eZ Platform. Peter provides an in-depth technical view on these issues and provides code samples in his solution.

"To achieve a balance between URLs that can be cached for a long time and having visitors get your JS and CSS updates immediately, we can generate some unique identifier as a URL/GET parameter for the Assetic-compiled CSS and JS files." Read the full article here.

Development with eZ Publish and PhpStorm

Some of our community members and developers use the PhpStorm IDE to develop anything in eZ Platform. Henning Kvinnesland, a community member, has written a plugin for PhpStorm to support eZ Publish / eZ Platform development in PhpStorm. Henning showcases his plugin in this recent article. The plugin is open source, and he welcomes contributions and feedback on features. You can find him on our Slack channels as @whitefire.

In other news:


eZ Launchpad

It pays off to keep an eye on our GitHub pages. If you do, you might have noticed a new repository named eZ Launchpad. eZ Launchpad is a CLI tool to start an eZ Platform project in 5 min on top of a full Docker stack. You can find the full documentation here:

The development of eZ Launchpad is in its early stages (not even tagged alpha). We welcome people to test it out and report their experiences, or submit pull requests to join in the development.

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