This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: eZ Platform v2.1.1 released, eZ Awards finalists announced, our mascot, Pulley becoming famous again and more.


2018 eZ Awards finalists

Thank you to all who voted for this year’s eZ Awards, and congratulations to those that made it to the finals. As Global Marketing Manager Lia Pinto writes: "It’s great to see so many great projects happening in the eZ community." Winners will be announced at the eZ Awards ceremony on June 6 in Cologne, Germany during eZ Conference 2018.

eZ Platform v2.1.1 released

eZ Platform v2.1.1 has been release this week. Have a look on GitHub for the release notes. This release includes many improvements and bug fixes for ezpublish-kernel, repository-forms, ezplatform-admin-ui repositories, and more.

Pulley becomes famous, again

Pulley, our mascot, became famous last year by getting listed in the Bézier book. And he isn’t stopping there. He made it to the ‘Drawn - Leaders in contemporary illustration’ book. Well done to our Graphics Artist, Hakan Ertan!

Mascot Pulley in Drawn
Mascot Pulley in Drawn

Symfony 3.4.10 released

eZ Platform is running on the Symfony 3 full stack. This week Symfony 3.4.10 is potentially solving some issues you might have experienced in using eZ Platform. Note: at the time of publishing, Symfony 3.4.11 has been released.

In other news:


eZ Platform MailChimp Connector bundle

Emmanuel Drouet has released the EdgarEzCampaignBundle bundle. This bundle allows you to interact with MailChimp marketing automation using eZ Platform interface and content. Watch the bundle demo on YouTube. Read more about the Connector bundle in an article by Emmanuel.

Note: check out the Tweet by Novactive below for another great bundle!

Question of the week

This week, Rémy asked a question on our forum about how to administer the configuration of each site in eZ Platform, compared to how this was done in eZ Publish. Have a look on the forum for the answer.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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