This week's news in the eZ Ecosystem: eZ Platform Kernel passes 10,000 builds; a reminder to grab yourself a free PhpStorm license; a new Question of the Week and more.


eZ Platform Version 2 Is Shaping Up and Getting Simplified

This week Roland Benedetti, Chief Product Officer at eZ Systems, writes about the progress of eZ Platform V2. A few notable changes since alpha are a move towards a “pure” Symfony application, not reusing YUI-based code and using React.js for any future part of the application.

Read the full article for some of the reasoning behind these changes, when to expect a beta release and more.

eZ Platform Kernel Passes 10,000 Builds

Fun fact spotted by Mario Blažek is eZ Platform Kernel passing 10,000 builds on Travis CI. As a continuous integration platform, Travis CI supports our development process by automatically building and testing code changes. eZ Engineering specifically uses Travis CI to run automatic quality tests for every change made to the code base.

PhpStorm Licenses Reminder

A reminder to our community members and active contributors, we still have a few free PhpStorm licenses available. If you are interested in obtaining a license, read my earlier post and leave a comment.

In Other News:


Webinar Netgen Tags Bundle

Last week Ivo and Edi, both from Netgen, presented the Netgen Tags Bundle in a webinar. The webinar which is available on YouTube provides a complete overview of features and more. Netgen has another webinar scheduled for Thursday, October 19, 3PM CET about the new release of Netgen Layouts v0.9. If you are interested, ping Ivo Lukač on Slack.

Question of the Week

Edi Modrić, Web developer at Netgen asked this question on our Slack channel:

“Looking at the code of new eZ Platform Admin UI and I'm wondering about siteaccesses. Why does every siteaccess group need their own admin siteaccess? Multiple groups do not necessarily mean multisite. We're, for example, running at least two groups per install (frontend siteaccess group and backend siteaccess group). Also, how can we control our own names for admin siteaccesses?”

This questions sparked a short discussion on our Slack channel where several eZ Engineers chimed in, including community members. Product Marketing and Engineering is collecting feedback from early adopters to make technology choices for current and future architecture including eZ Platform V2.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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