This week we share news about a survey on your favorite markup language, new releases for PlatformUI and eZ Platform and a reminder for Web Summer Camp early bird tickets. Also updates in resources, social media and events.


What is your favorite markup language?

The eZ Doc team is planning to move the eZ Platform developer documentation to GitHub and to generate static docs based on markup files. In a recent post, the Doc team asks which markup languages you are most familiar with and which ones would be the easiest for you to work with.

Fill out this simple, 3-question survey and let us know what you think. It’ll take just 2 minutes.

PlatformUI and eZ Platform releases

This week we introduce two releases. The first one is the PlatformUI micro release with a fix for pasting tables. More information can be found in Jira issue EZP-26965 and this pull request.

The second release is the eZ Platform v1.8.0-rc1 release. This release includes an experimental http cache feature which is not enabled by default. You can enable this in a dev environment for testing purposes. You can find the release on GitHub. More information on this http cache feature is available here.

Early bird tickets for Web Summer Camp

If you missed the news last week, super early bird tickets are available for Web Summer Camp. The event will feature tracks for eZ Platform, PHP, front-end and UX. Visit and grab your ticket.

In other news:


NetGen bundles

Mario Blažek from Netgen shared two bundles on our Slack channel this week. These involve the NetgenOpenWeatherMapBundle and NetgenInformationCollectionBundle.

“Netgen OpenWeatherMap Bundle is an eZ Publish / eZ Platform bundle for working with API. The information collection feature makes it possible to gather user input when a node referencing an information collector object is viewed. It is typically useful when it comes to the creation of feedback forms, polls, etc.”

eZ Publish calendar extension

Is it time to upgrade your website’s event calendar? Lisa Manfield from Mugo Web writes about their eZ Publish calendar extension. In this article, Lisa highlights front-end event submission, the back-end admin and the front-end event listing.

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