This week we share news about the latest eZ Platform 1.10 release, nominations are now open for the 2017 CMS Critic Awards and more.


eZ Platform 1.10 is out!

eZ Platform 1.10 brings improvements for both editors and developers. Editors will now have support for tables through the online editor. For developers, a new theme engine is now included, the translation API has been made easier, and more support for faceted search in SolrBundle. And of course, bug fixes and minor improvements.

The release is available through the usual channels. Downloads can be found on More information about eZ Platform v1.10:

Read the official announcements on and

2017 CMS Critic Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2017 CMS Critic Awards. Help us WIN for the 2nd year in a row and nominate eZ Platform for "Best Enterprise CMS", nominate here. Nominations will be open from June 26, 2017 until August 27, 2017.

In other news:


What is Solr Search Engine Bundle?

This week, I would like to highlight one of the powerful features within eZ Platform, the support for Solr search. You can view the full details about this bundle on our documentation site.

Ezplatform-solr-search-engine, as the package is called, aims to be a transparent drop-in replacement for the SQL-based "Legacy" search engine powering eZ Platform Search API by default. When you enable Solr and re-index your content, all your existing Search queries using SearchService will be powered by Solr automatically. This allows you to scale up your eZ Platform installation and be able to continue development locally against SQL engine, and have a test infrastructure, Staging and Prod powered by Solr.”

Tip: eZ Platform 1.10 now supports faceted search, documentation about this can be found here.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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Call for speakers is now open for SymfonyLive Berlin in October. We encourage the eZ developers community to submit topics around Symfony and content management in general. This can be a great opportunity to present the eZ Platform architecture. Keep in mind some English talks will be selected. To increase your chances, you can submit as many topics as you’d like. Register to speak here:

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