This week we share news from the Community Board, one of our partners shares 7 reasons to choose eZ Platform to deal with large amounts of content and more.


Personalization Does Not Have to Be that Complex!

Personalization may carry the reputation of being complex and hard to implement. But in this blog post, Roland Benedetti, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at eZ shows us how easy it can be to implement personalized home pages that cater to different audiences on eZ Platform, all relying on a simple taxonomy of your visitors and the ability for them to define their own preferences. Here’s his explanation.

7 reasons to choose eZ Publish / eZ Platform if content is key to your business

When content is key to your business, and you are looking to choose a content management system, you’ll want to choose a platform that makes dealing with lots of content—and leveraging it throughout your site and across other channels—easy and intuitive.

Lisa Manfield from Mugo Web looks at 7 reasons why you should choose eZ Publish or eZ Platform. Some of these reasons include: extensive core functionality, extensibility, content structure and partner ecosystem. Read the full article over at Mugo Web.

Community Board updates

If you keep an eye on the Community Board meeting minutes, you know we are working on improving our community platform. This community platform consists of sites such as, and social channels such as Slack.

This week we introduced eZ Tags on A small improvement, which will make it easier for our Community to find and read relevant news about eZ Platform. Next up on our agenda is to make a decision on implementing a new forum, and further improvements on such as extending features on the Bundle List.

In other news:


Building a bicycle route tracker on eZ Platform

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to building an eZ Platform website from the ground up. This tutorial applies a learning-by-doing method to demonstrate how eZ Platform can be used to build a great website. Throughout this guide we will take you through the process of building a website in a series of steps using best practices for the most effective developer experience.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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Webinar (July 11 - 1pm ET) - Web Accessibility: Is your website shutting out visitors with disabilities?

Did you know 1 in 5 Americans are living with a disability? For them accomplishing simple tasks on the web can present numerous challenges. In light of this, how do you optimized your web content so it’s easily accessible to those with disabilities? Dave Fearnley, web developer at our partner agency Mugo Web will discuss this and other topics around: the laws on web accessibility in the US and Canada, understanding your web accessibility audience, the basics of an accessibility site audit, plus more. You can register here.

For more events, make sure to check out this list.


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