This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: Guest blog about web success metrics, eZ Launchpad on and more.


Traffic, engagement, and revenue

In a guest blog, Peter Keung from Mugo Web, writes about the trio of web success metrics: traffic, engagement, and revenue.

"For most content-based websites, success comes down to a trio of critical metrics: traffic, engagement, and revenue. These success metrics can also be expressed as a conversion path: you drive traffic to your site via content and marketing strategies that engage your audience, and this converts to revenue via ads, sponsored content, paid subscriptions, or otherwise."

Read the full blog here.

Using eZ Launchpad with

Sébastien Morel from Novactive shares in a blog post how to use eZ Launchpad with His blog is a step-by-step guide how to perform the install.

eZ Launchpad is a tool that will help you build an eZ Platform project on top of Docker in less than 5 minutes.

In Other News:


Packages on

As of today, a small change has been made to In the top menu, Bundles has been renamed to Packages.

Along with this change come small enhancements such as filtering by category, search and sort. You are now also able to click on a package to see more details, and leave comments. The next enhancement will be for the community to submit their packages to this resource.

Question of the Week

Vincent Guyard posted the question about adding a policy to the policy list, on our forum. eZ’s Adam Wójs replied with a link to our documentation about custom policies and PolicyProvider. Adam also shares more resources in his reply, including an example.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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