This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: a discussion about Trees and Folders in eZ Platform v2, challenges of implementing Continuous Development, a new maintainer team for ezfind, and more.


About Trees and Folders

Roland Benedetti, Chief Product Officer at eZ Systems, started a discussion about Trees and Folders in eZ Platform version 2. Roland is asking both developers and editors for feedback on what type of navigation is preferred. A horizontal folder browser, a classic tree or other? Do leave you feedback in this discussion and poll, if this is of interest to you.

eZ Conference 2018: To Hack, Squash Bugs, or?

A quick reminder on this topic, posted last week: eZ Conference 2018 will take place on June 5 to 7 2018 in Cologne, Germany. At previous conferences we (eZ Systems) organized Bug Squashing sessions, an eZ Dev Bar and a Hackathon (London 2017). For the next conference, we’d like to organize something a bit bigger. We want to hear your ideas, and most of all, if you would be interested in such an event.

Read more on or head over to our forum and answer the poll directly.

Challenges of Implementing a Continuous Development Process

After learning about the Continuous Development Process in the previous blog post of the series, you are probably wondering what steps your business needs to take to implement an effective Continuous Development Process moving forward. This week, Amit Golan-Gutin (Product Marketing Manager at eZ Systems) continues.

“In this week’s blog post we will cover the various problems your organization may face in integrating a continuous development process into your workflow, and how you can eliminate and overcome them. Let’s begin by defining the significant challenges your organization will tackle while attempting to implement effective Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) practices as well as the various tools that can be to your disposal.”

Read the full blog post.

In Other News:


Reposting Security Issues

This week, eZ Crew member Gunnstein Tweeted about a very important topic: Security.

“Yesterday's nasty security bug in Mac OS illustrates the point of responsible disclosure: Give the vendor time to fix it before alerting bad faith actors about the hole.”

If you find a security bug in eZ Platform or eZ Publish, please see Thanks!

Question of the Week

This week, Gaetano Giunta asked on Slack: “The official version of ezfind seems not to be getting a lot of love from ezsystems. What would you think of using putting our fork on Github and accepting PRs from the community? Or we could simply manage to get upstream to be a bit more active in merging open PRs.”

Peter Keung from Mugo Web chimed in: “I would much prefer that the official eZ version gets some love, and promote some community members on that repo as relevant. Mugo also has our own fork, so it's easiest to agree on the official one being the eZ one.”

The result: the Community Board will be setting up a small dedicated maintainer team for the ‘official’ ezfind repository. This will result in less forks, a combined effort and benefit for all in our community. Thank you Gaetano and Peter for bringing up this topic!

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