This week we share news about Pulley being listed in the "The Best Vector Artists World Wide" book, a recap of eZ Conference 2017 in London and more.


Pulley becomes world famous

Our very own Hakan Ertan, who is the artist behind many of the graphics used on and the creator of Pulley, our mascot, is now listed in the Bézier book "The Best Vector Artists World Wide". Bézier Volume 1 is a curated collection of the highest quality digital artwork from the world's best vectors artists.

Hakan Ertan and Pulley, The Best Vector Artists World Wide

eZ Platform 1.10.0 beta available

A first beta release for eZ Platform 1.10.0 has been made available this week. You can download on, and more information about the pre-release is on GitHub.

Recapping eZ Conference 2017 London

eZ Conference London brought together partners, clients and the eZ crew from all over Europe and Central and North America—three days where the eZ community from across the world spent time together while also learning and sharing experiences.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the article where you will find a form to choose your favorite city for next year’s conference. Read the full recap on our blog.

In other news:



A new bundle released by CJW Network this week is CjwMultiSiteBundle. CjwMultiSiteBundle allows multiple fully independent sites within a single eZ Platform installation. It requires LegacyBridge to be installed. Full details, such as a list of features, installation instructions and more can be found on GitHub.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check

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