This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: Sébastien Morel writes about the benefits of eZ Launchpad, a Docker-based development environment, eZ Platform v2 beta3, Community releases and more.


eZ Platform v2 beta-3 released

This week eZ Platform v2 beta-3 was released. You can find the release on GitHub and on Take this release for a spin and give us your feedback! Next up are the release candidate and the final release.

As you might have read in a previous announcement, the developer experience has been improved a lot with the v2 release. This is what some of our community members and developers said:

Douglas Hammond: “Can I just say how much I appreciate the admin ui v2 dev experience now.  It is so much faster to implement and test changes vs v1.  Smart choice ez! I know it's not a snazzy SPA but for admin it's great.”

Edi Modrić: (after adding support for eZ Platform v2 in Netgen TagsBundle) “DX is definitely much better, it's all pretty much standard Symfony stuff, so no surprises there.”

eZ Platform Forum gets its 100th user

This week Alex Wilson (antoligy) joined as the 100th user. By doing so Alex won the giveaway and will be receiving a box filled with some cool eZ swag. Congrats Alex!

eZ Platform Cloud and eZ Launchpad: don’t host, don’t deploy, don’t install: just code

Sébastien Morel, CTO and head of Novactive US, writes about your options as developer to set up a developer environment. Should you go with a 'traditional' stack, or Docker? What is your best option to improve your development time? In his article, Sébastien introduces eZ Launchpad which behaves as a wrapper between you and Docker to save you(r) time.

“When it comes to Developer eXperience, the most important factor is the time to first success. The success happens when you get your development environment working with all the services.”

“Whether you want to initialize a new project or share an already existing one, eZ Launchpad has been built to optimize and simplify those two cases.”

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Community Releases

This week saw several release announcements by the community. The first one is by Netgen with eZ Platform Site API version 2.3 being released and the biggest new feature: relation filters.

Another release by Netgen is Netgen Remote Media for eZ Platform with Cloudinary support. “With Netgen Remote Media bundle you get the out-of-the-box support for image, video, and file management on the cloud, seamlessly integrated with eZ Platform.”

Finally, Emmanuel Drouet announced the eZ UI Profile bundle, available on packagist. “This bundle offers an eZ Platform Interface to change your password. This bundle is extendable, so we can imagine many other features.” Watch the YouTube video to see it in action.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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