This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: updates on how our product and engineering teams are improving user experience, the Connector Competition continues through May, opportunities to provide feedback and more.


Improving eZ Platform User Experience

Last week Inaki Juaniz-Velilla (UI/UX Developer at eZ) and André Rømcke (VP Technical Services & Support) both wrote about eZ Platform user experience improvements for editorial teams. These improvements can be found in the latest release 1.13.2. Read both of their blog posts to learn more on how we work with enterprise customers, and what these improvements include.

Call for feedback

“The Online Editor is possibly one of the most important features in eZ Platform, when it comes to editorial experience. That is why we wanted to share regarding this specific change, and also gather wider feedback on the other changes proposed above. We would like to gather feedback related to these improvements to the editorial experience of eZ Platform users. We invite and welcome all of your comments and ideas.”

Leave a comment below the blogs or e-mail product management directly, and give us your feedback!

Getting the Permissions for the Admin Panel Right

Product managers and engineers at eZ are in the process of properly handling permissions in eZ Platform U.I. rolling out improvements to the next releases (2.2, 2.3, 2.4), with the goal of having a large and strong coverage by the LTS in December.

Help us get the permissions right and leave your vote. We have setup a poll on our forum with suggested solutions.

Connector Competition Continuous

The Connector Competition which started in April will continue all through May. You can still join and have a chance to win $ 2,500. The winner of this round will be announced at the eZ Conference on June 6 in Cologne.

Got questions? Post them on our forum!

A quick reminder that we launched a new and dedicated forum for eZ Platform at Why a new forum? We launched this new forum for several reasons. The most important one is to preserve our knowledge around eZ Platform and to make it available to everyone. Join us, share your knowledge, and ask your questions to fellow eZ Platform developers on

In Other News:


Edgar EzUIFaviconBundle

As part of is ‘One Monday One Bundle’ effort, Emmanuel Drouet has released another bundle. Called EzUIFaviconBundle, this bundle lets you generate favicons for your site accesses within eZ Platform. You can watch a demo on YouTube and find the source on Packagist.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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