This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: Small improvements to our doc site, a new release for eZ Platform, a sneak peek into eZ Platform v2.4 and more.


eZ Platform 2.3.2 released

eZ Platform 2.3.2 has been released. Check out the release notes on GitHub to see which improvements and/or bug fixes are included in this release.

Sneak Peek eZ Platform v2.4

Amit Golan-Gutin, Product Marketing Manager at eZ Systems, takes a sneak peek into the Rich Text Block.

“With v2.4, editors will be happy to discover that they will be able to easily create a rich body of text, including text, images, and videos, directly in the Page Builder. Our goal is to make editors life easier when they are thinking of creating new content on to the page that is not planned to be reused anywhere else.”

Read the full article here.

Doc Landing Page Makeover

Have you visited our documentation site recently? If not, have a look! You will notice a makeover of the landing page, providing a clear overview of available topics.

Did you know you can contribute to our documentation? The source of our documentation lives on GitHub. Both user doc, and developer doc. And we welcome you to submit pull requests. Or, simply leave a message on our dedicated doc channel on Slack, in case you spot something incorrect or incomplete. Suggestions for improvements are also welcome.

In Other News:


Webinar Bridging the Gap Between Commerce and Content

Last week, eZ Systems hosted a webinar on the topic of bridging the gap between commerce and content. The recording of this webinar is available on YouTube.


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