This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: an interview by FIPP with eZ’s Tushar Marwaha, the first in a series of blog posts on continuous development, image manipulation with Cloudinary and more.


Defining the Value of a Continuous Development Process

The first post by Amit Golan-Gutin, Product Marketing Manager at eZ Systems, in a blog series about continues development was published.

“At eZ we see great value in applying a proper software development processes—both on a team and on an organization level. We also believe it is vital to educate our teams, and our customers and partners on a continuous software development process and its benefits. In this blog series we will define the different components of a continuous development process, the benefits it provides, the challenges in implementing such process, and we will provide tools and guidance on how to implement it in your business. Let's begin by defining the different disciplines/approaches that play a role in a Continuous Development Process.”

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Futureproofing Media Companies for Technological Change

Jamie Gavin, Multimedia Journalist for FIPP, interviewed Tushar Marwaha, Partner Relations Associate at eZ Systems.

“With change occurring at such a rapid pace in digital media, adaptability can increasingly be one of the keys to publisher success. We caught up with Tushar Marwaha, partner relations associate for eZ Systems, on the sidelines of the recent FIPP World Congress in London about the steps that their publisher and industry clients are taking to futureproof themselves for further technological change.”

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Image manipulation with eZ Platform and Cloudinary

Sébastien Morel, Chief Technical Officer at Novactive US, writes about image manipulation with eZ Platform and Cloudinary.

“Content is king in a web or a mobile project. You always need images or videos with your content. Then you need to optimize them, store them in different adapted versions (known as variations), host them all, cache them and deliver them. But you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. That's why we decided to create a plugin that can add Cloudinary on top of an existing eZ website smoothly, with almost no development required.”

In his article, Sébastien explains more about the plugin, how it works, how to install it and provides some code examples.

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The Value of a Continuous Development Process

If you missed last week's webinar about the values of a continuous development process, be sure to check out the recording available on our YouTube channel.

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