This week we share news about the 2.x revamp round two. André Rømcke blogged about the next steps which include specifications and prototyping. Also updates in resources, social media and events.


2.x Revamp, Round Two: Overall Technology Direction and Next Steps

André Rømcke, Vice President Engineering at eZ Systems, updated us this week on 2.x refactoring:

“Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the future of eZ Platform! We have discussed, considered, and taken into account each and every comment, and we’re ready to to begin the journey together.

Our first steps will be specifications and prototyping. We’ll create and/or facilitate some prototypes to get a clear picture of the technical challenges (and opportunities) before us, and this can be a great opportunity for you and your team to contribute to the process and development.”

Read the full blog post and note the specs and prototyping links that lead to GitHub. eZ Systems is experimenting a workflow around specs on GitHub, and we want this to be open to the community.

Reminder: Admin UI Internationalization

David Liedle, Technical Product Manager at eZ, made an important announcement on Slack two weeks ago: “Who is interested in translating the Admin UI text into your native language? Join us in #i18n (Slack) to learn how to contribute! It’s fast and easy thanks to our Engineers and” Documentation on in context translation can be found here.

In other news:


Kaliop Identity Management Bundle

An eZ5 bundle designed to cater all your needs for custom user authentication scenarios:

  • log in user by his IP
  • log in user using his email instead of login
  • get user accounts from an LDAP server (including MS Active Directory)
  • get user accounts from an external service (needs custom code)
  • allow logging in to the eZ backoffice using the customized symfony login handlers

The base idea is that it should be easy to swap/add remote user services without having to learn the intricate details of the Symfony auth component (firewall/authenticator/userprovider/factory). More information available on GitHub.

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