As October comes to a close, the temperature is finally beginning to drop here in Brooklyn, and another thing that’s about to drop is the October Fast Track (FT) release of eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise!

You can now go to to download the latest open source version of eZ Platform. If you are an eZ customer, you can get the eZ Enterprise distribution in your support portal. Finally, eZ partners can get eZ Enterprise in a trial mode from the Partner Portal.

As you know, these are Fast Track releases. We ship them every two months and they are focused on innovation.  Each FT delivers the latest features that have been merged into our content management platform. On the menu for this Fast Track release are a range of improvements in eZ Platform’s user interface, such as:

  • A preview of content objects within the Universal Discovery Widget
  • The implementation of error handling at both the client and server sides, allowing developers building their own field types to eventually rely only on server side error handling, without having the user experience suffer
  • A new interactive window informing the user when several drafts are already created for a specific content item, which lets the user choose if he or she wants to edit one of the drafts or create a new one
  • The integration of the search feature within the main (back-end) interface and the refinement of its look and feel

A closer look at Preview in the Universal Discovery Widget, now available in eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise


Under the hood, there’s also been a lot of improvements, the major ones relating to the REST API as well as the public API. We’ve made the back-end more developer friendly and more powerful. One example is how the API deals with permissions, which has vastly improved.

For our eZ Enterprise subscribers, eZ Studio is more stable than ever, with many bug fixes and minor improvements brought to the software. In the meantime, the Studio development team has been working on major features such as the form builder and date-based publishing. These features are targeted for the next release, which will be eZ Enterprise 2017 (Long-Term Supported [LTS] release), out in December.

Finally, we’ve improved the demo sites that we ship with the releases to better showcase the out-of-the-box capabilities of the platform. To be noticed, in the Enterprise demo site you’ll now find:

  • Registration and authentication of members on the site has been implemented based on the User Generated Content framework
  • Improved integration of recommendations provided by eZ Personalization
  • The option to display content for all site visitors or for members only. This is a simple way to show how, in more real-life cases, eZ Platform (and eZ Enterprise) can be used for premium content placed behind a paywall

Premium content behind a form wall on the demo site

Get the full scoop—read the release notes

For a complete roundup of what’s in the October release, please refer to the 1.6.0 release notes.

We hope you’ll like this release and as usual, please leave your comments, feedback or requests on the blog, or feel free to reach out to the Product Management team at

Until December, when we roll out the 2017 LTS!

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