Written by Matt Caprioli, Content Marketer at eZ

Whether you meet him online or in person, Ivo Lukač will always have something insightful to share with you.

The recipient of the 2015 Social Supporter of the Year at the 2015 eZ Conference, Ivo was very active in the eZ ecosystem in 2015, producing The eZ Publish Show, tweeting prolifically and writing a steady stream of engaging blog posts.

After just a short conversation with him, you quickly get a sense he likes to help others and is passionate about contributing to open source projects, especially eZ. Ivo’s ideas and input have enabled him and Netgen, the web agency he co-founded with Igor Vrdoljak and Vjeran Vlahović, to help move the eZ ecosystem forward. Ivo’s contributions to blogging and social media also help him hone his English, and, of course, his thought leadership draws in potential business for Netgen.

Ivo sees his contributions as an informal intranet for Netgen employees, who specialize in implementations of eZ software. Ivo’s interest in blogging has also rubbed off on the rest of his team. While there’s no mandate that employees be active on social media, seeing Ivo’s example, they’ve started to contribute themselves.

"When we (the co-founders) do it, then others catch on," Ivo said. "I’ve mentioned to junior developers in the past that this or that would make a good blog post, and I don’t enforce anything, but in a month or two, a blog post about the topic surfaces."

Ivo accepts his eZ award

Ivo’s contributions and his encouragement to others are just two reasons why Ivo won the 2015 eZ Social Supporter of the Year.

A marketing strategy based on sharing

Netgen has no written content strategy. As Ivo puts it, "We aren’t doing marketing in the traditional way. We are doing marketing with a focus on community engagement and open source and sharing."

He finds this method, inspired by inbound marketing and a true open source mentality, is an inexpensive and efficient way to grow his business. In fact, he says it’s critical to Netgen’s growth.

"If you’re only doing the job and not sharing," Ivo said, "then you’re missing the chance to grow and get better work."

Ivo co-founded Netgen in 2002 and spent most of his time as a developer. Over the last five years, he’s gradually transitioned into a role that is also centered around business development.

"I live on a very interesting border," he said. "I’m not sure if I’m a marketing technologist or a technology marketer."

The benefits of contributing to the eZ community

One reason Ivo enjoys contributing to the eZ community is that his contributions, and the results, are so apparent and appreciated. While new commits can sometimes go unnoticed in vast communities such as WordPress and Drupal, every developer in the eZ ecosystem has the chance to influence the software and really help shape the development.

"That’s why we’re always encouraging our employees and anyone in the community to contribute a blog post, post a tweet, or make a commit," Ivo said, "because the community grows through collaboration."

Ivo looks forward to the time when there are so many active social supporters in the eZ community that his own social media contributions won’t be that noticeable. When he accepted the award, he thanked everyone and said he hopes to not even be nominated next year.

"That would mean that there are a lot more people engaged than me," he explained, "and that type of high quality engagement within the eZ community is something I hope to see very soon."

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